Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (USA), Inc. (Telin USA) was established on December, 2013 located in Los Angeles and becomes subsidiary with 100% of its shares owned by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin). Telin USA performs telecommunications products, telecommunications services, Information Technology (IT), Information technology products and information technology services business. Telin USA have International 214 License and currently, Telin USA is also one of consortium members in the SEA-US (South East Asia – United States) submarine cable connecting Manado, Indonesia to Los Angeles, United States that was launched on August 2017. 


Telin USA as a bridge of Telin's hub for Telecommunication, information, media, edutainment and Services (TIMES)


  • Deliver TIMES that exceed customers' expectations
  • Enhance portfolio value by investing in international TIMES and leverage Telkom Group's capabilities in USA
  • Maximize benefits to all stakeholders through excellent services